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Sri Lanka - Luxurious Taj Twin Centre!
Sri Lanka - Luxurious Taj Twin Centre!

Travelpack Extra - Free Room Upgrade to Luxury Ocean Room at 5* Taj Samudra!

Taj Extra - Book 7 Nights and Pay for 5 Nights at 5* Taj Bentota Resort & Spa!

Hotels Featured:
➤Taj Samudra 5*
➤Taj Bentota Resort & Spa 5*

Taj Samudra 5*
Discover Colombo and its Melting Pots of Culture, Visit Mosques & Buddhist Temples on the same day!
Whilst based in Colombo you will also see some of Sri Lanka’s best highland scenery such as Little Adam’s Peak and Nine Arches.
Also, get a chance to see something truly unique to Sri Lanka - Balangoda Man! (Prehistoric Human Remains and More!)

Tue 11 Mar 25: Best of Colombo - Private Guided City Tour
2 pm- This finely crafted city tour is the best way to explore Colombo & learn about the local culture. Our well-experienced, friendly tour guides will make the tour even more interesting. We are very flexible with timing and your needs so even though you're exploring a busy city, you will still feel very relaxed and safe.
Duration : 3 hours to 4 hours

Inclusions :
- Private transportation
- Bottled water
- Air-conditioned vehicle
- Entrance ticket to Gangaramaya Temple

What to Expect :
Pass By Old Parliament Building you will be able to admire the architecture of this beautiful building & take photos from a distance as it is a high-security zone.
Admission Ticket Free

➤Colombo Galbokka Lighthouse
You will be able to get to the lighthouse base platform to take photos
5 mins - Admission Ticket Free

➤Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct
From here you will be taken on a short walking tour to explore some of the hidden sights & beautiful colonial buildings around.
30 mins - Admission Ticket Free

➤Cargills (Ceylon) PLC
A quick stop to admire this beautiful building and a few others around.
5 mins - Admission Ticket Free

➤Pass By the Grand Oriental Hotel
Located right next to Colombo harbor, this was the most popular hotel during the British colonial era. It is possible to stop for photos.
Admission Ticket Free

➤Jami Ul-Alfar Mosque
This beautiful building is one of the main highlights of Colombo & you will be able to admire and take photos here.
5 mins - Admission Ticket Not Included

➤Lotus Tower Road
This iconic tower is a must-visit place in Colombo. You will stop here for a quick photo. to be open for the public.
5 mins - Admission Ticket Free

➤Gangaramaya (Vihara) Buddhist Temple
Here you will learn about Buddhism, and Sinhalese Buddhist culture and be able to explore in and out of this amazing Buddhist Temple. Also, you will see Lord Buddha's hair relics.
30 mins - Admission Ticket Included

➤Old Town Hall
You will be able to stop here and admire the beauty and also to get a glimpse of Viharamahadevi Park.
10 mins - Admission Ticket Free

➤Independence Square
This is the main highlight of the tour. Here you will learn how Sri Lanka got its Independence from the British Empire. You can also visit the adjoining Arcade square and the park for a short walk.
30 mins - Admission Ticket Free

You will be exploring some of the other sights of this area and after will stop for a local Lunch / Dinner.
1 hour - Admission Ticket Free

Wed 12 Mar 25: Guided Hike: Little Adams Peak and Nine Arches
Experience some of Sri Lanka's best highland scenery on a private half-day Little Adams Peak and Nine Arches guided hike from Ella. Climb through tea plantations to the top of Little Adams Peak and enjoy the sweeping views over the island's hill country. Then, cross the Nine Arches rail viaduct to Demodara, where a colonial-era station house presides over a looping track.
Duration: 5 hours

Inclusions :
- English Speaking Local Guide.
- Refreshment Drinks with Cookies.
- Hotel Pick & Drop Off from Your Hotel in Ella.
- All Taxes and Service Charges.
- Village Lunch.

What to Expect :
➤Little Adam's Peak View Point
On this tour, you take part in an approximately 2-hour round-trip hike up Little Adams Peak accompanied by a qualified guide sharing interesting information about tea plantations, fauna, and flora. This mountain has an elevation of 1141 m above sea level and is the fifth tallest mountain in Sri Lanka. The summit of the mountain has great panoramic views, especially in the morning when you will be hiking. cookies while enjoying sunset/sunrise on the rock. (Morning tours will begin with this hike and evening tours will finish with this hike)
2 hours - Admission Ticket Free

➤Nine Arches Bridge
Also, take an approximately 40-minute walk through woodlands to the famous Nine Arches Bridge, This incredible historical viaduct built entirely from stone, bricks and cement (with no steel) was created in the British era of Sri Lanka. the railroad till you reach the Demodara Railway Station. This station has a unique architectural design hailing from the British Colonial Era. You will be finishing your hike at this interesting location, the Demodara Railway Station.
2 hours - Admission Ticket Not Included

Thu 13 Mar 25: Explore Belilena Cave from Colombo
Venture into Belilena Caves on a private 9-hour tour with a friendly guide. Hike through the dense jungles around Kitulgala. Explore the secretive caves to witness fossils and skeletal remains that are more than 10,000 years old. Take photos of the archaeological excavation, which is famed for the skeletal remains of the Balangoda Man. This tour includes lunch, transportation, entrance fees, hotel pickup, and drop-off.
Duration: 9 hours

Inclusions :
- Service of an English-speaking guide.
- Transport by private air-conditioned vehicle.
- Visit the archeological reserve of Belilena Caves.
- 1-liter water bottle (per-person).
- Hotel pickup and drop-off from your hotel in Colombo.

What to Expect :
➤Pass By Colombo
Colombo, the vibrant capital of Sri Lanka, entwines colonial charm with modern vitality. Its bustling streets offer a mosaic of cultures, from historic landmarks like the Old Dutch Hospital to contemporary marvels like the Lotus Tower. Colombo's diverse cuisine, bustling markets, and picturesque waterfront create an unforgettable urban experience.
Admission Ticket Free

➤Belilena Cave
Belilena Cave, nestled in the lush greenery of Sri Lanka, is a site of profound archaeological significance and natural beauty. Located in the picturesque foothills of the central highlands, this limestone cave holds evidence of ancient human habitation dating back over 12,000 years. It gained widespread recognition in 1981 when excavations led to the discovery of skeletal remains of Homo sapiens balangodensis, a prehistoric human species unique to Sri Lanka. The cave's interior features fascinating rock formations, underground streams, and a serene ambiance that transports visitors to another time. Surrounded by dense foliage and the tranquil sounds of nature, Belilena offers a captivating journey into Sri Lanka's distant past, inviting exploration and contemplation amidst its historical and geological wonders.
3 hours - Admission Ticket Free

Sat 15 Mar 25: Private Transfer Hotel to Hotel

Taj Bentota Resort & Spa 5*
Head to Bentota for a Beach Break with a difference, Here you will find Coral-rich dive sites including Canoe Rock and centuries-old Buddha statues!
Not to be Missed is Galle, We will take you on a Boat Safari plus another Unique Sri Lankan Experience Stick Fishing!
End the day in the Galle at Victor Hasselblad Sea Turtle Research & Conservation Centre -
You will see the care and rehabilitation efforts for injured turtles, and possibly witness the heartwarming process of releasing them back into the ocean!

Mon 17 Mar 25: Sinharaja Rain Forest Tour
Take an amazing experience biodiversity hotspot in Sri Lanka of Sinharaja Rain Forest. This rain forest is significant and has been declared a Biosphere Reserve and World UNESCO Heritage Site. It is the last viable area of primary tropical rainforest in the world according to International Union for Conservation of Nature. you have a chance to observe more than 60% of endemic trees and 50% of Sri Lankan's endemic species of animals especially butterflies, amphibians, birds, snakes, and fish species as well as 95% of endemic birds' habitats. Once you book this tour, be able to learn more things about the Sinharaja Rain Forest.
Duration: 8 hours to 10 hours

Inclusions :
- All Govt. Taxes and Surcharges
- Transportation in an A/C Vehicle
- Entrance fees
- Lunch
- English-speaking guide for the entire tour
- Mineral Water Bottle

What to Expect :
➤Sinharaja Forest Reserve
Pick you up from Bentota Hotel and transfer to Sinharaja Rain Forest. Take part in a trekking trip of 5 to 6 hours covering the most important areas of Sinharaja Rain Forest to see Birds such as Jungle Fowl, Brown Capped Babbler, Spot Winged Thrush, Scaly Thrush and Malabar Trogon and many other birds, Butterflies and endemic plants. Sinharaja is a biodiversity hotspot in Sri Lanka. It is of international significance and has been designated a Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Lunch at a recommended restaurant Transfer back to Bentota
5 hours - Admission Ticket Included

Tue 18 Mar 25: Galle: Boat Safari, Stick Fishing & Turtles
Discover Sri Lanka's enchanting blend of culture and nature on this unique tour. Stroll through the historic Galle Fort, and marvel at the traditional stilt fishermen in Koggala. Enjoy a serene wildlife adventure on the Bentota River Boat Safari. Immerse yourself in marine conservation at the Victor Hasselblad Sea Turtle Centre. Reflect on the strength and resilience of the human spirit at Tsunami Honganji Vihara. Experience the rich tradition of mask-making at the Ariyapala Mask Museum, and uncover the secrets of the Beruwalage Moonstone Mine. Each stop offers a captivating mix of learning and awe-inspiring moments, ideal for those eager to explore Sri Lanka's diverse beauty. Embark on this journey for an unforgettable exploration of a vibrant country. Book now for an experience that promises to delight and inspire.
Duration: 7 hours to 9 hours

Inclusions :
- Entrance and activity fees for the places mentioned in the itinerary
- A bottled water for each person
- Private transport in an air-conditioned car with an experienced guide

What to Expect :
➤Bentota River
As you decide to join the Bentota River Boat Safari, you're in for an adventure filled with amazing wildlife and serene natural beauty. As we cruise along the tranquil waters, keep an eye out for the fascinating crocodiles, often seen on the riverbanks or gliding through the water. Then there are the water monitors, impressive lizards that add an exotic touch to our journey. The river is also a haven for various bird species, making it a paradise for birdwatchers. We'll navigate through lush mangrove forests, vital to the ecosystem, and observe local fishermen practicing traditional methods. It's a perfect blend of thrilling wildlife sightings, peaceful nature, and cultural insights, all wrapped up in a relaxing and educational experience. It's truly a memorable way to connect with the natural beauty of Sri Lanka.
1 hour, 30 mins - Admission Ticket Included

➤Victor Hasselblad Sea Turtle Research & Conservation Center
Visiting the Victor Hasselblad Sea Turtle Research and Conservation Centre is an eye-opening experience. Here, you'll interact with various species of sea turtles and learn about their life cycles and the critical conservation efforts to protect them. The visit is more than just observing these majestic creatures; it's an educational dive into their world. You'll see the care and rehabilitation efforts for injured turtles, and possibly witness the heartwarming process of releasing them back into the ocean. The staff's dedication and passion are incredibly inspiring. And, if timing is right, you might even have the adorable experience of seeing baby turtles. It's a truly memorable and enlightening experience for anyone interested in marine life and conservation.
30 mins - Admission Ticket Included

➤Ariyapala Mask Museum
Exploring the Ariyapala Mask Museum is a fascinating journey into the world of traditional Sri Lankan masks. This museum showcases a stunning array of masks used in various cultural and religious ceremonies. As you wander through, you'll learn about the history and significance of each mask, some of which are used in local dances and plays, and others believed to have healing powers. The intricate designs and vivid colors are truly captivating. There's also a chance to see artisans at work, carving and painting these masks with techniques passed down through generations. It's not just a visual treat; its an immersive cultural experience that offers a unique glimpse into Sri Lankan heritage.
30 mins - Admission Ticket Included

➤Moonstone Mines and Gem Palace
Taking a trip to the Beruwalage Moonstone Mine is an extraordinary experience where you'll delve into the intriguing world of moonstone mining. This mine is one of the few places in the world where you can see the mining process of these beautiful, luminescent stones. You'll observe miners skillfully extracting moonstones from the earth and learn about the traditional methods still used today. The journey includes a visit to the workshop where these raw stones are transformed into stunning, polished gems. It's a unique opportunity to not only witness the entire process from extraction to final product but also to gain insight into the local geology and history. And, of course, the chance to see and purchase authentic moonstone jewelry directly from the source is an added bonus for gem enthusiasts.
30 mins - Admission Ticket Free
Tsunami Honganji Vihara Visiting the Tsunami Honganji Vihara is a moving and profound experience. This memorial, erected in memory of the tragic 2004 tsunami, stands as a powerful reminder of the event's impact. You'll see the awe-inspiring Buddha statue, which symbolizes hope and resilience in the face of

Sat 22 Mar 25: Departure
Private Transfer Hotel to Airport

Prices & Departures:
Deposit £125pp
➤Y56541 Heathrow from £3089pp
➤Y56597 Manchester from £3089pp
➤Y56611 Birmingham from £3089pp
➤Y56609 Newcastle from £3089pp
➤Y56600 Glasgow from £3089pp
➤Y56613 Dublin from £3089pp

Terms & Conditions:
Based on 2 Adults Sharing

Offer Includes

  • UK Airport Lounge
  • International Flights with Min of 23kgs Baggage
  • Private Arrival Transfer in Colombo
  • 4 Nights at 5* Taj Samudra, Colombo in a Luxury Ocean View Room with Breakfast
  • Private Best of Colombo City Tour
  • Private Full Day Tour of Belilena Caves
  • Private Hiking Adventure to the Little Adams Peak And Nine Arches Bridge
  • Private Transfer from Taj Samudra, Colombo to Taj Bentota Resort & Spa
  • 7 Nights at Taj Bentota Resort & Spa in a Superior Sea View Room on Half Board
  • Private Galle Day Tour: Boat Safari, Stick Fishing & Turtles from Bentota
  • Private Sinharaja Rain Forest Tour

Meal Plans

  • As per Itinerary