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Spirit of Sri Lanka!
Spirit of Sri Lanka!

Highlights: Negombo - Sigiriya - Anuradhapura - Polonnaruwa - Kandy - Nuwara Eliya - Ella -Horton Plains - Yala

Hotels Featured:
➤5* Jetwing Beach, Negombo - Deluxe Room
➤4* Amaya Lake, Dambulla - Deluxe Room
➤4* Amaya Hills, Kandy - Deluxe Room
➤3* Mountain Heavens, Ella - Standard Room
➤4* Cinnamon Wild, Yala - Jungle Chalet

Highlights of Spirit of Sri Lanka Tour
➤Travel on one of the most scenic train journeys in the world from Peradeniya to Nanu Oya!
➤Dambulla Cave Temple. This World Heritage-listed Buddhist temple complex is one of the largest and best-preserved in Sri Lanka
➤Anuradhapura – a UNESCO World Heritage Site/Oldest historically documented tree on earth (over 2,200 years old)
➤World Heritage-listed ancient city of Polonnaruwa
➤Minneriya National Park & Safari
➤Sigiriya Rock Fortress - an ancient citadel and castle ruins, once the home to King Kasyapa
➤Yala National Park - popular for Elephant, Leopard, Bear, Crocodile and Wild Boar..

➤Thu 14 Nov 24
Approximate Travel Time Airport to Negombo 12 Hour
On arrival, you will be warmly greeted by our representative from Hayleys Travels and transfer to your hotel in Negombo. Evening explore Negombo including the Dutch Canal, Fishing Village etc. Usually the Negombo Fish Market operates till 10.00 a.m. all days except on Sundays. if you miss this depending on your arrival time you have the option of doing the same the next day before start your journey. Make your first stop to witness the Fish Market in Negombo which is called with its unique name Lellamawhich means the place of bargain. Also bargaining is done as a fun adding a rhyme to it.......
Lellama Fish market, Negombo offers a good variety of sea fishes. FISH MARKET, NEGOMBO: The fish market, Negombo is held every day in the week excepting on Sundays. One will find a great collection of colourful fish inthe fish market, Negombo. A vast expanse of sea shore in Negombo remains covered with small species of fishes.The fishermen use the sea shore for the drying purpose of their fish. The fish market is held in the down near the Old Dutch Fort Gate. It is at a distance from the main tourist area of Negombo. One can find fish and sea creatures of all shapes and sizes displayed in the fish market, Negombo. It is an amazing sight to be sure. Large and small quantities of all these fish are displayed everywhere. The traders can be found seated in front ofthe heaps of these fish. They can be found busy attending the customers. Some traders can be found selling one very large fish. When the customers mentioned how much fish they wanted, the traders would cut slices or chunks of fish accordingly. Again, it can be said that the fish market, Negombo is worth paying a visit. But the market becomes very hot and busy as the time flows. So, a visitor should pay a visit to the fish market along with some water.

➤Fri 15 Nov 24
Approximate Travel Time Negombo to Sigiriya 03 12 Hours
Leave after an early breakfast to Sigiriya en route visiting the Cave Temples of Dambulla. Dambulla located in the north central province this UNESCO WorldHeritage Site which dates back to the 01st century BC, is an amazing complex of 05 caves, first used as a refuge by an ancient king who on regaining his throne, commissioned magnificent carved images within the living rock. Later kings made further improvements and the caves contain 150 images of the Buddha of which the largest is a colossal figure spanning 15 meters. Cave inscriptions from the 2nd Century BC are found and on the walls, are many paintings most of which belong to the Kandy period (early 19th century). This temple is a perfect location to view evolution of ancient Sri Lankan art and is an important historical site due to the amalgamation of the material from many eras. Thereafter proceed to your hotel in Sigiriya and of the day free at leisure.

➤Sat 16 Nov 24
Approximate Travel Time Sigiriya to Anuradhapura 01 12 Hours
Leave after breakfast for Sri Lankas ancient capital Anuradhapura.
Anuradhapura a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the north central part of the Island was the first capital (5th century BC - 9th century AD), the center of the island's Buddhist civilization and undoubtedly the grandest city of ancient Sri Lanka. In antiquity and the interest, it is the equal of anyancient 'buried city' in the world. The oldest historically documented tree on earth (over 2,200 years old) - The Sri Maha Bodhi, brought
as a Sapling of the tree under which the Buddha attained enlightenment, and the island's oldest Buddhist shrines - some dating back to the 3rd century BC, impressive white'dagabas' (relic chambers) and monuments embellished with handsome stone carvings or sculpture, pleasure gardens, beautifully executed stone baths and ponds and a superb irrigation system of reservoirs and canals arethe main attractions of Anuradhapura. Specific places to visit are - the Brazen Palace (2nd century B.C.), with1600 significant stone columns are the remains of a magnificent multi-storied residence for monks an engineering marvel at the time, Ruwanweli Seya (2nd century B.C) the most famous of all the dagobas, originally depicted the perfect water-bubble shape that modern restoration has not been able to accurately reproduce, Samadhi Buddha (3rd century B.C.) regarded as the finest rock sculpture in the island - depicting the Buddha in a state of deep meditation, Isurumuniya rock temple (3rd century B.C.) known for its rock carving of the Lovers,Kuttam Pokuna, twin ponds (3rdcentury B.C.) which were used by monks of this glorious era as a bathing pool. Thuparama (3rd century B.C.), the oldest dagoba in the island enshrines the right collarbone of Buddha,Ratnaprasada with the best-preserved Guard Stone, Mahasenas Palace with its renowned Moonstone,Abayagiri and Jetevanarama a huge dagoba said to the largest brick built structure in the world. Proceed to Sigiriya. Evening free at leisure or engage yourself in an Optional Activity such as Elephant Back Safari.

➤Sun 17 Nov 24
Approximate Travel Time Sigiriya to Polonnaruwa 01 Hour
Approximate Travel Time Sigiriya to Minneriya 12 Hour
After breakfast proceed to the ancient ruins of Polonnaruwa where a collection of rich architecture and extraordinary irrigation methods can be seen.
Polonnaruwa this medieval city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, rose to fame as the capital (10th - 12th century AD) after the decline of Anuradhapura. The entire landscape of the region is punctuated by huge man- made reservoirs, the most famous of which is the ParakramaSamudra or the Sea of Parakrama, larger in size than the Colomboharbour. The monuments are relatively well preserved and give clear evidence of the glory of Sri Lanka's past. Highlights are the Royal Palace complex including the Kings Palace and Audience Hall, the Quadrangle with its concentration of ancient heritage and the spectacular Gal Vihare complex of four massive images of the Buddha, cut from a single slab of granite - a highlight of ancient SriLankan rock carving. Some of the best examples of the Hindu influence the Temples of Shiva, intricate statues of Hindu Gods, fascinating Budhist temples, the Lankatileka and Watadage, the Galpotha, the Lotus bath, the Kiri Vihare Dagoba and the remains of a former Temple of the Tooth are other impressive sights. Thereafter proceed to your hotel and in the evening visit Minneriya National Park and do a jeep safari in Minneriya.
Located between Habarana and Polonnaruwa, the 8,890 hectares ofMinneriya National Park consists of mixed evergreen forest and scrub areas and is home to elephants. However, the central feature of the park is the ancient Minneriya Tank (built in 3rd century AD by King Mahasena). During dry season (June to September), this tank is an incredible place to observe the elephants who come to bathe and graze, as well as the huge flocks of birds (cormorants and painted storks to name but a few) that come to fish in the shallow waters.

➤Mon 18 Nov 24
Approximate Travel Time Sigiriya to Kandy 02 12 Hours
After breakfast visit and climb rock fortress Sigiriya.
Sigiriya - A mighty 600 ft. high rock-fortress of a 5th century King is famous for its entrancingly beautiful frescoes which are found in a sheltered pocket of the rock. One cannot fail to marvel at the masterful execution of the sinuous forms of these women(originally 500, of which only 19 remain today). The old stairway to the top led through the mouth of a huge crouching lion, carved from the rock- today only the paws remain. Remains of the handsome royal citadel are on the summit. Thereafter you will be transferred to your hotel in Kandy visiting Matale spice growing region for special insight to some unique Sri Lankan agriculture. First stop at a place to learn about the multitude of uses of this fascinating tree; see how the coconut is husked and its fibers used to make rope. Witness the collection of the sweet coconut water for a refreshing drink, the use of the coconut kernel for the extraction of coconut milk which forms the base for most Sri Lankan curries and the production of honey and sweet juggery from sap collected from the coconut flower.
Also visit traditional spice garden where we will learn about the unique uses of spices in Sri Lankan cuisine. Optionally - those who would like to may assist in the preparation of some of the local dishes which we will then sample during lunch served out doors using lotus leaves instead of plates. After 04 days in the dry zone you will notice the distinctly different flavors present in hill country cuisine. Thereafter you will be transferred to your hotel in Kandy. Evening city tour of Kandy including upper lake drive,Market Square, Arts & Crafts Centre, Gem Museum and Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic or else you can do the city tour the next day.
Kandy - A lovely city, the Hill Capital and last stronghold of the Sinhala kings retains an aura of grandeur, which time has not affected. Encircledby hills, with a tranquil lake in its center, it is the site of the renowned "Temple of the Tooth" and the Royal Botanical gardens home to one of the best collections of Orchids. Kandy and its satellite villages is the center of the islands handicraft industry and its traditional dances are the most spectacular in the country. Also visit Tea Museum in Kandy. Late Evening witness a Cultural dance performance in Kandy.

➤Tue 19 Nov 24
TRAIN JOURNEY NANU OYA (NUWARA ELIYA) TO ELLA - 03 HOURS TO 04 HOURS (Due to the weather condition the duration of the train journey could take longer than the indicated travel time) After breakfast road journey to Nuwara Eliya en route visiting Labookelle Tea Factory to witness the process of producing tea.

Also visit Nuwara Eliya.
Nuwara Eliya Sri Lanka's premier hill resort with a fine bracing mountain climate, Nuwara Eliya is also the heart of Sri Lanka's tea country, producing some of the world's best tea. The mountain slopes and valleys are a carpet of velvety green tea plantations, interspersed with gushing streams and tumbling waterfalls. Red or green roofed plantation bungalows, English country-style homes and hotels with lovely flower gardens, a fine 18-hole golf course and a racecourse give Nuwara Eliya a decidedly British character. Thereafter proceed to NANU OYA RAILWAYS STATION TO TAKE THE LOCAL TRAIN TO ELLA.

➤Wed 20 Nov 24
Approximate Travel Time Ella to Horton Plains 02 Hours
Early morning with a packed breakfast excursion to Horton Plains for a trek to Worlds End and the beautiful BakersFalls (03 04 hrs.)
Sri Lanka's highest plateau 7200ft above sea level in the central mountain country. This Fen is a very scenic region with an astounding variety of scenery from mountains to grasslands, from marshes to trout streams. Sri Lanka's best Teas are grown in the surrounding areas. Spectacular view from 'Worlds End' where the plateau plunges a thousand feet in a straight sheer drop. Cool and bracing climate, excellent for trout fishing and very good hiking country. Distinctive flora (many English field flowers grow on the plains) colourful butterflies and many rare highland birds.
Return to your hotel and in the evening, explore Ella including the Little Adams Peak, 09 Arch Bridge etc. Ella in Sri Lanka is a very well known worldwide for its breathtaking view and scenery, Little Adams Peak is just one of it. The eye-catching and conspicuous peak is the one not to miss, situated in Ella, SriLanka, it has been attracting tourists for a long time now. The reason for its popularity is the amazing view that never fails to attract and impress the visitors.

It may be a long journey, but it helps the travellers interact with nature in a different way. Little Adams Peak is visited mainly because of the great hiking experience it gives to its climbers. It never falls short of beauty. It is filled with greenery and beautiful trees and plants. Resorts and hotels have been built to serve the climbers that may be tired after the long walk. The walk may belong, but once one reaches the top, it is just worth the struggle. The path is straight making the walk less complicated.

Beautiful Mountain View
After the walk is over, the visitors witness the great view from the top of the mountain. It gives a perfect and clear view of the city of Ella. The view looks even more amazing when the clouds start to roll in. Good weather isa cherry on the top to the view. The sunsets are not to be missed. The blazing and crimson sunsets are a treat to watch. Little Adams peak at Ella has received positive reviews and that is because it never fails the tourists and visitors.It is highly recommended to people who plan to explore and witness the wonders of Sri Lanka.

➤Thu 21 Nov 24
Approximate Travel Time Ella to Yala 03 Hours
After breakfast, you will be transferred to your hotel in Yala visiting Rawana Waterfalls, Ella en route. On the Ella- Wellawaya road 06 km from Ella by the side of the road is this waterfall. 1080 Ft. In height, the fall has several leaps. The Rock formation here is Khondalite, a kind of limestone which undergoes decay faster. Rawana, The King of Sri Lanka of the Ramayana is connected with the fall, and a cave close by is one of the several places of Rawana.
Proceed to your hotel in Yala and evening Jeep Safari of Yala National Park. Yala Sri Lankas most known National Park is popular for Elephant,Leopard, Bear, Crocodile and Wild Boar. 97,800 hectares in extent, this is the second largest of Sri Lankas National Parks. Its open undulating terrain made it famous for elephants for many years, but recently the park has also received much fame through publicity by National Geographic and the Discovery TV channels, which focused on a leopard research/conservation and identification project. Claims have subsequently been made that Yala National Parkhas the worlds highest concentration of leopard per square kilometre. Vegetation is primarily grassland and shrub jungle with patches of dense growth while several salts and fresh water lagoons are a haven for a large variety of resident and migrant birds. Areas popular with leopards are rock-strewn hillocks with dense shrubs in which the animals hide.

➤Fri 22 Nov 24
Approximate Travel Time Yala to Airport 04 Hours
After breakfast departure transfer to the airport.

Prices & Departures:
Deposit: £125pp
➤Y59220 Heathrow from £2195pp
➤Y63084 Dublin from £2249pp
➤Y63082 Manchester from £2329pp
➤Y63066 Single Supplement from £655pp

Terms & Conditions:
Based on 2 Adults Sharing

Offer Includes

  • International Flights with 23kgs Baggage (No Middle of Night Arrival/Departure!)
  • 01 Night stay at Jetwing Beach, Negombo in a Deluxe Room on Half Board Basis
  • 03 Nights stay at Amaya Lake, Dambulla in a Deluxe Room on Half Board Basis
  • 01 Night stay at Amaya Hills, Kandy in a Deluxe Room on Half Board Basis
  • 02 Nights stay at Mountain Heavens, Ella in a Standard Room on Half Board Basis
  • 01 Night stay at Cinnamon Wild, Yala in a Jungle Chalet on Half Board Basis
  • All Transportation in an Air-Conditioned Car
  • Service of an English-Speaking Guide Driver.
  • Local Train from Nanu Oya (Nuwara Eliya) To Ella
  • Tous as mentioned on Full Itinerary
  • Entrance fees: Dambulla Cave Temple, Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya, Minneriya National Park, Kandy Temple, Peradeniya Botanical Garden, Horton Plains & Yala National Park

Meal Plans

  • Half Board