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Japan - BBCs Race Against The World
Japan - BBCs Race Against The World

Highlights: Sapporo ▪️ Hokkaido ▪️ Morioka ▪️ Tokyo ▪️ Nara ▪️ Osaka ▪️ Kyoto

Travel from North to South on this Different Japan Tour

Start in the Very North Hokkaido arriving in Sapporo - A city Famous for its Beer and Natural Surroundings, we have added a Hokkaido Highlights tour so you can discover the surrounding area with Ease! Use your Rail Pass to Travel South to Hakodate - Dramatically Looking over the Town is 334m-high Mount Hakodate. The mountain's summit, reachable by aerial ropeway gondola, offers dramatic nighttime views! Head to Morioka Next! Visit the ruins of 17th-century Morioka Castle. Nearby, Ishiwarizakura is a centuries-old cherry tree growing from a cracked boulder. Don't Forget Hoonji Temple houses hundreds of Buddhist statues - Not to be Missed! The next stop is Tokyo - mixing the ultramodern and the traditional, neon-lit skyscrapers with historic temples. The opulent Meiji Shinto Shrine is known for its towering gate and surrounding woods and The Imperial Palace sits amid large public gardens that must be visited!
Head to Nara, Here we have a special stay at Mikasa Ryokan - A historic place that is considered the birthplace of Japan. This important historic city was once called "Yamato". Mikasa Ryokan is located on the slopes of Mt. Wakakusa, from where the whole of the city of Nara can be taken in at a glance. The last stop is Osaka, known for its modern architecture, nightlife, and hearty street food as well as the 16th-century shogunate Osaka Castle, you can also discover Kyoto as well whilst staying in Osaka! 

Hotels Featured:
Premier Hotel Nakajima Park 4*
La Vista Hakodate Bay 4*
Dormy Inn Morioka Hot Springs 3*
Shinjuku Granbell Hotel 4*
Mikasa Ryokan 3*
Hotel Monterey Grasmere Osaka 4*

Thu 10 Oct 2024: Japan
Flight from Heathrow to Chitose Airport Japan via Tokyo Haneda Airport
Shared Transfer Airport to Hotel
14 Days Japan Rail Pass
Discover Japan by train with the Japan Rail Pass The Japan Rail Pass is a multi-use rail ticket. It gives you unlimited access to all Japan Rail National trains, bus services, ferry services, and airport transfers. The JR Pass offers you the opportunity to discover the whole country affordably. Compared to the full price of train tickets in Japan, the price of the JR Pass represents an attractive discount on Japanese public transport. It allows you to travel easily and save time during your stay, including on Shinkansen trains, without having to buy a new ticket for each journey.
Stay at Premier Hotel Nakajima Park for 3 nights

Sat 12 Oct 2024: Hokkaido Highlights of Flower Blossom, Asahiyam
2.5 hours' direct and hassle-free transportation to Asahiyama Zoo, Biei, and Furano area en route back to Sapporo. popular zoo, and encounter with the lovely animal buddies! flowery slope and feel jovial breathing the fresh air on this vast land. Star" that used to be filmed in TV commercial hits! closer look at the sublime Blue Pond (Aoi-Ike) which shows an appearance different from cold times. fairytale-like cottages in tranquil forests and have an opportunity to see craft-man work or buy your souvenirs.
Duration: 12 hours
Inclusions :
- Driver/guide
- Air-conditioned vehicle
- All Fees and Taxes
- All activities
What to Expect :
Asahiyama Zoo
Asahiyama Zoo, in the northernmost part of Japan, is the landmark sightseeing spot of Hokkaido and is visited by a huge number of visitors. This zoon has been designed to see not only animals' appearance but also their behaviours through daily life displays. In Hippopotamus Hall, ostrich and warthog can be found here as in a natural environment; in Seal Hall, the movement of seals swimming in a glass pipe called Marine Way can also be watched. 2 hours, 30 mins - Admission Ticket Included Shirogane Blue Pond Biei is renowned for its gentle flower slopes, as well as its painting-like Blue Pond. The waterfall gushes with aluminium and merges into Biei River, a colloid is produced and clashes with sunlight, therefore the lake presents a unique blue colour. Moreover, the withered Japanese birch and larch standing in the lake bring about a still yet gasping beauty.
30 mins - Admission Ticket Free
Farm Tomita
Visit from June to 10th October.
in Farm Tomita in April, and May, From 11th October to 3rd November, the location will be changed to Ningle Terrace and the stay will be 20 minutes.
40 mins - Admission Ticket Free
Ningle Terrace
Since there are few flowers in Farm Tomita in April, and May, From 11th October to 3rd November, the location will be changed to Ningle Terrace and the stay will be 20 minutes.
20 mins - Admission Ticket Free

Mon 14 Oct 2024: Hakodate
Stay at La Vista Hakodate Bay for 2 nights

Tue 15 Oct 2024: Enjoy Hakodate Night View by Rickshaw Tours
the world. You will tour around the beautifully illuminated Preservation District by rickshaw. You will go around comfortably without being bothered by heavy baggage and congestion, from famous tourist attractions to hidden backstreets known only by the local guides. You are sent to Hakodate Station and its neighborhood at the end of the tour. This special tour offers a luxurious time to you. listed on the guidebooks and backstreets, will show you to the hottest fun spot spots by rickshaw, a traditional Japanese vehicle prepared for bad weather. A comfortable rickshaw releases the stress of walking through a crowd with baggage drivers take souvenir photos with the exotic rickshaw at beautiful spots(please bring your camera) can enjoy the Hakodate's night views by rickshaw
Duration: 1 hour
Inclusions :
- Rickshaw fare and accompanying services
What to Expect :
Hakodate RopewayChurchesHachimanzakaThe public hallKanemori Red Brick Warehouse (the last spot of 30 min. course)Hakodate Station and nearby hotels (the final point of 45 or 60 min. courses) of Hokkaido, located in the far north of Japan. It is a charming city where cultural heritages and modern liveliness are integrated together. You are introduced to a luxurious tour by visiting Hakodate's night view spots by rickshaw. A rickshaw is a two-wheel vehicle designed to carry people and is pulled by a rickshaw driver. It is faster than walking and can run on the roadway more safely than a bicycle, even when the passenger has baggage. So they have operated in many places in Japan since the 19th century. taking care of you on this tour knows all the tourist attractions and backstreets. He is an expert who offers a kind and careful tour. traveling without letting the passengers get wet even on a rainy or snowy day. What is more, a passenger using a wheelchair or having a stroller can enjoy the ride comfortably. (Please consult us when you book the tour.) first, you are recommended to take a ropeway up to Mt. Hakodate and enjoy the marvelous evening views from the top of the mountain. (The ropeway fare is paid separately.)
After getting off the ropeway, you will travel around Preservation Districts for Groups of Historic Buildings in Hakodate. The port town flourished from the 19th to the beginning of the 20th century and still reserves a townscape representing a fusion of Eastern and Western cultures. You can enjoy the romantic scenery illuminated at night time. You may be able to encounter unexpected events or views. the end of the tour, you can be sent to Hakodate Station and its neighborhood (only for 45 and 60-minute tours) This tour is recommended for those who like to enjoy Hokkaido even not knowing where to go, want to enjoy a tour comfortably without getting lost, and like to appreciate the scenery different from the usual.
1 hour - Admission Ticket Free

Wed 16 Oct 2024: Morioka
stay at Dormy Inn Morioka Hot Springs for 2 nights

Thu 17 Oct 2024: Morioka Town Walking Tour with Meal
Experience a personalized and diverse exploration of Morioka, accompanied by a knowledgeable guide who will showcase the city's captivating features, adapt the itinerary to your preferences, and include a visit to the local shopping street.
Duration: 2 hours, 30 mins
Inclusions :
- Including guide fee.
- Including lunch or dinner fee.
What to Expect :
Known as the "Wall Street of Morioka," this place served as a bank during the Meiji to Heisei periods and played an integral role in the lives of the city's residents. However, its banking role has now come to an end.
15 mins - Admission Ticket Free
Morioka Castle Ruins
Morioka Castle Ruins Park preserves the remains of Nanbu Morioka, the former castle town of Morioka, which flourished during the Edo period. Throughout the seasons, visitors can enjoy picturesque views, including cherry blossoms in spring, lush greenery in summer, vibrant autumn foliage, and snowy landscapes in winter. 20 mins - Admission Ticket Included
Bank of Iwate Red Brick Building
Bank of Iwate Red Brick Building is a former building located in Morioka, Iwate Prefecture, Japan. The building is an example of Japan's Meiji period Western-style architecture and is listed as an Important Cultural Property. The building is now used as a museum.
30 mins - Admission Ticket Included
Gozaku STORE(Japanese bamboo baskets)
As a brief stop, you will encounter Morioka's traditions at the Local Kraft Factory, where you can explore Nanbu Senbei (rice crackers), Nanbu Tekki (cast ironware), Shikon-zome (traditional dyeing), and the Gozaku Shop.
25 mins - Admission Ticket Free
Nakatsugawa Walking Trail
Nakatsugawa, Shinjo, Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture, Tohoku.
15 mins - Admission Ticket Free

Fri 18 Oct 2024: Tokyo
Stay at Shinjuku Granbell Hotel for 3 nights

Sun 20 Oct 2024: Mt Fuji, Hakone Lake Ashi Cruise Bullet Train D
Discover some of Japan's most famous highlights on a full-day guided tour from Tokyo. Travel to Mt Fuji's bustling 5th Station and learn about the revered mountain. Continue to nearby Lake Ashi for a short boat cruise, followed by a ride on the Mt Komagatake Ropeway. Climb by aerial tram to the top of Mt Komagatake and get fantastic views of the Owakudani volcanic valley, Lake Ashi, and Mt Fuji. Return to Tokyo by bullet train in the evening. Enjoy the ease of included transportation, entry fees, and a knowledgeable guide.
Duration: 11 hours, 30 mins
Inclusions :
- One-way bullet train (Shinkansen) ride to Tokyo Station
- One-way vehicle ride
- Lunch (only if you select the "With Lunch" option at checkout)
What to Expect :
Mount Fuji
The bus will head up to the 5th Station along the Subaru Line. The 5th Station is situated at 2,300 meters (7,546 feet) above sea level. At this height, you will be amazed at spectacular, breathtaking views from above the clouds. Please check Additional Info on the tour page for remarks. 30 mins - Admission Ticket Free Lake Ashinoko
At Lake Ashi in Hakone, you can ride a cruise ship. Spend a relaxing time while gazing at the beautiful lake and Mt. Fuji. The tour may be guided to an alternative destination if the Lake Ashi cruise operation is suspended, or depending on road conditions, congestion, etc. Please check Additional Info on the tour page for remarks.
15 mins - Admission Ticket Included
Hakone Ropeway
Take a 7-minute ropeway ride to the peak of Mt. Komagatake. A total of 50 minutes will be spent here, including time to walk around at the peak. Take a cableway ride up to the spiritual Hakone Shrine Mototsumiya (original shrine) that nestles at the mountaintop. Enjoy the scenery of Lake Ashi spread out below. The tour may be guided to an alternative destination if the Komagatake Ropeway operation is suspended, or depending on road conditions, congestion, etc.
Please check Additional Info on the tour page for remarks.
50 mins - Admission Ticket Included

Mon 21 Oct 2024: Nara Early Bird Tour with English Speaking Guide
Nara gets very crowded during the afternoon and it could be hard to take great photos. Therefore, in our tour, we go to the main sites of Nara (Kofuku-ji Temple, Todaiji Temple, Nara Park, and Kasuga Grand Shrine) before the crowd comes. Also, this tour ends before noon so you will have the noon time to explore other parts of Nara or make a day trip to Osaka/Kyoto as well. A great tour for people who want to maximize their experience in Japan!
that uses public transportation. This is not a bus tour. scheduled time. Since we have other groups on the tour, we CANNOT accept any late guests. and will not be given a refund.
Duration : 3 hours
Inclusions :
- English-Speaking guide
What to Expect :
Kofuku-ji Temple
Kofuku-ji Temple was established in Nara at the same time as the capital in 710. It is famous for its five-storied pagoda, the second tallest wooden pagoda in Japan just seven meters shorter than the five-storied pagoda at Kyoto's Toji Temple. See this temple for yourself at sunrise! 15 mins - Admission Ticket Free
Todai-ji Temple
Todaiji Temple is famous for its Great Buddha Statue, the biggest Buddha statue in Japan. Until recently, this temple's main hall was the world's largest wooden building. It looks beautiful but once you know the history of why it was built and its historical significance, you will be shocked!
40 mins - Admission Ticket Not Included
Nara Park
Nara Park is home to thousands of wild deer. These deers are considered to be sacred because it's said that one of the 4 gods in Kasuga Shrine rode the deer to Nara. The cute thing about these deers is that they bow at you when you feed them! It's an experience that everyone should try!
40 mins - Admission Ticket Free
Kasuga Grand Shrine
Kasuga Grand Shrine is famous for its lanterns, which have been donated by worshippers. There are approximately 3000 stone and bronze lanterns, standing as one of Japan's most historical shrines. It holds significance as the sacred grounds that inspired the presence of deer in Nara Park.
40 mins - Admission Ticket Not Included
Stay at Mikasa Ryokan for 1 night

Tue 22 Oct 2024: Private 4-Hour Best of Osaka Local Walk
This is your tour if you demand a private tour with both the big sights as well as a walk on the local side. Plus, since Osaka is "Japan's Kitchen", food will be ever-present, both delightfully downmarket and astoundingly upmarket at times. be complete with a stop at Osaka Castle, but after that, we dig a little deeper into the neighborhoods. We finish off with another top sight though, this time the famous Dotonbori, but we don't leave too much time to spend there, as we assume you will browse about the area on your own.
speaker (or other language, if that option is selected) who also speaks Japanese, guaranteed. And since this is a private tour, we're happy to make modifications based on your specific interests (additional expenses should be covered by our guests).
Duration: 4 hours
Inclusions :
- Fluent English (or selected language) guide (private, if
What to Expect :
Osaka Castle
We think the park Osaka Castle is in, and the exterior of the castle are splendid and rewarding to visit. The tired, poorly designed non-castle interior: Not so much. So we don't go in. Trust us, you're not missing anything.
1 hour - Admission Ticket Free
Osaka Tsuruhashi Ichiba
Explore this fabulous time-warp of a market, where fashion, food, and culture noisily collide and birth something wonderful. There's not much pre-war Osaka left to explore, but this is a champion of a local sight. It also highlights the Korean influence on the city.
30 mins - Admission Ticket Free
Abeno Harukas
So, we don't pay the money to go to the very top of the
building, but we know a way to get almost as good a view without waiting in line, and without paying a shiny yen for the privilege either. Afterwards, we go down underground and explore the mysteries of the Japanese department store food hall and market area. Ready for the most expensive melon you've ever seen? Look but don't touch :)
30 mins - Admission Ticket Free
This entertainment district dating back around a hundred years has all sorts of sights in store for you, some shiny, and some with a rather worn patina. Both are lots of fun to take in. It's a boisterous center of Osaka culture, and for good reason!
30 mins - Admission Ticket Free
Dotombori District
Sure, we want to show you the less touristed parts of Osaka on this tour, but we'd be remiss to not show you the famous "running man" and Dotonbori at large. But we also take you down some small backstreets even here, and we've got a few interesting stories to tell you as well.
30 mins - Admission Ticket Free
Stay at Hotel Monterey Grasmere Osaka for 2 nights

Wed 23 Oct 2024: Kyoto Top Highlights Full-Day Trip from Osaka
This is an easy, culturally enriching bus trip to Kyoto. The tour stops at the Fushimi Inari Shrine and the UNESCO World Heritage sites: Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Kinkakuji Temple, and Arashiyama. In just one day, you can visit the most popular and famous places, experiencing a comprehensive overview of Kyoto's highlights.
Duration: 10 hours
Inclusions :
- Bus fare for the trip
- Entrance ticket to Kiyomizu-dera Temple (if option selected)
- English-speaking guide
- Entrance ticket to Kinkaku-ji Temple (if option selected)
- Optional Lunch (if selected)
What to Expect :
Fushimi Inari-Taisha Shrine
Start your tour at Fushimi Inari Taisha, the head shrine of over 30,000 Inari shrines in Japan. Spend an hour exploring this iconic site, known for its thousands of striking vermilion torii gates. These gates form a path almost endless in appearance, offering a unique and beautiful experience. Originally dedicated to the gods of agriculture, Fushimi Inari is not just a spiritual center but also a symbol of breathtaking beauty and cultural significance. 1 hour, 20 mins - Admission Ticket Free Kiyomizu-dera Temple Next, visit Kiyomizu-dera, renowned for its large wooden stage constructed without nails, providing a panoramic view of Kyoto. Named after a nearby waterfall famed for its health and scholarly benefits, the temple is particularly enchanting during spring with cherry blossoms and in autumn with vibrant leaves.
1 hour, 40 mins - Admission Ticket Free

Kinkakuji Temple
Discover Kinkaku-ji, the Temple of the Golden Pavilion. This essential pagoda, initially built for Buddha relics, is part of the Rinzai Zen Buddhism sect. The temple, reflecting in the Mirror Pond, offers a stunning sight. Once a villa for Ashikaga Shogun Yoshimitsu, it was transformed into a temple after his demise and rebuilt in 1955.
45 mins - Admission Ticket Free

Conclude your journey in Arashiyama, a must-see in Western Kyoto. Famous for its cherry blossoms in April and fall foliage in November, Arashiyama also hosts cormorant fishing on the Hozu River during summer. The Sagano Bamboo Forest near Tenryuji Temple provides a peaceful walk amidst towering bamboo. The area is also dotted with numerous small shops, adding to its charm and interest.
1 hour, 20 mins - Admission Ticket Free

Thu 24 Oct 2024: Departures

Prices & Departures:
Deposit £750pp
Y47876 Heathrow from £3799pp
Y48028/9 Edinburgh, Newcastle from £3859pp
Y48031 Belfast from £3869pp
Y48020 Manchester from £3879pp
Y48033 Dublin from £4029pp

Terms & Conditions:
Based on 2 Adults Sharing, Subject to Availability

Offer Includes

  • International Flights with 23kgs Baggage
  • 14 Day Japan Rail Pass
  • 3 Nights at 4* Premier Hotel Nakajima Park Sapporo - Standard Room with Breakfast
  • Hokkaido Highlights of Flower Blossom, Asahiyama Zoo & Blue pond Tour from Sapporo
  • 2 Nights at 4* La Vista Hakodate Bay - Standard Room with Breakfast
  • Enjoy Hakodate Nights View by Rickshaw
  • 2 Nights at 3* Dormy Inn Morioka Hot Springs
  • Morioka Town Walking Tour with Meal
  • 3 Nights at 4* Shinjuku Granbell Hotel, Tokyo - Superior Room with Breakfast
  • Mt Fuji, Hakone & Lake Ashi Cruise by Bullet Train from Tokyo
  • 1 Night at Mikasa Ryokan, Nara - Japanese Room with Half Board
  • Nara Early Bird Tour
  • 2 Nights at 4* Hotel Monterey Grasmere Osaka - Standard Room with Breakfast
  • Private 4-Hour Best of Osaka Local Walk with Castle
  • Kyoto Top Highlights Full-Day Trip from Osaka
  • Arrival and Return Transfer

Meal Plans

  • As per Itinerary