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Architectural Wonders of India!
Architectural Wonders of India!

Highlights: Mumbai - Aurangabad - Bhopal - Ujjain - Jhansi - Khajuraho - Delhi

Please note:
The Departure Date from the UK for this tour are:
➤Sep 2024: 17th
➤Oct 2024: 08th & 29th
➤Nov 2024: 19th
➤Jan 2025: 07th & 28th
➤Feb 2025: 18th
➤Mar 2025: 11th

Hotels Featured:
➤Fariyas Hotel 4*
➤Welcome Hotel Rama International 5*
➤MPT Palash Residency 4*
➤Hotel Abika Elite 3*
➤Nataraj Sarovar Portico 4*
➤Hotel Raj Mahal Palace Orchha 4*
➤Ramada by Wyndham Khajuraho 5*
➤Hotel The Royal Plaza 4*

➤Wed 09 Oct 24 - Arrival in Mumbai
Arrival in Mumbai: Begin your journey by arriving in Mumbai, the bustling metropolis known as the "City of Dreams." Mumbai is renowned for its vibrant culture, colonial architecture, and bustling streets teeming with life. Check into Accommodation: Upon arrival, check into your accommodation and take some time to rest and refresh after your journey. Depending on your arrival time, you may have the opportunity to explore some nearby attractions or indulge in Mumbai's famous street food scene.

➤Thu 10 Oct 24 - Mumbai to Aurangabad (By Flight)
Travel from Mumbai to Aurangabad (Date: 17th Century): Begin your journey from Mumbai to Aurangabad by flight, a city of historical significance named after the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. The journey takes youth through Maharashtra's landscapes, reflecting the region's rich history and cultural heritage shaped by ancient civilizations, colonial rule, and modern developments.
Check into accommodation: Upon arrival in Aurangabad, settle into your accommodation. Aurangabad, known for its historical landmarks and vibrant culture, offers a blend of modern amenities and traditional hospitality, providing a comfortable base for exploring the city's attractions. Explore local markets (Date: Various Periods): If time permits, immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of Aurangabad's local markets. These markets showcase a kaleidoscope of colors, flavors, and traditions, offering a glimpse into Maharashtra's diverse cultural tapestry. From traditional handicrafts to culinary delights, the markets encapsulate Aurangabad's vibrant heritage and bustling commerce.
Overnight stay in Aurangabad.

➤Fri 11 Oct 24 - Aurangabad - Ellora Caves
Visit to Ellora Caves (Date: 5th to 10th Century): Embark on a fascinating journey to the Ellora Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site located approximately 30 kilometers from Aurangabad. Carved out of solid rock between the 5th and 10th centuries, the Ellora Caves represent a remarkable fusion of Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain architectures. Explore the intricate carvings and sculptures within the caves, marveling at the ancient craftsmanship and religious symbolism that narrate the stories of bygone eras.
Exploration of caves: Spend the day traversing the labyrinthine corridors and chambers of the Ellora Caves, each revealing a different facet of India's rich cultural mosaic. Admire the grandeur of the Kailasa Temple, the largest monolithic structure in the world, adorned with intricate carvings depicting scenes from Hindu mythology and epic narratives.
Kailasa Temple (Date: 8th Century): Stand in awe of the Kailasa Temple, an architectural marvel dedicated to Lord Shiva. Carved entirely from a single rock, the temple complex exemplifies the zenith of Indian rock- architecture, showcasing the skill and ingenuity of ancient artisans. Delve into the symbolism and spiritual significance of the temple's sculptures, which narrate the cosmic dance of creation and destruction.
Overnight stay in Aurangabad.

➤Sat 12 Oct 24 - Aurangabad - Ajanta Caves
Visit to Ajanta Caves (Date: 2nd Century BCE): Embark on another early start to visit the Ajanta Caves, situated approximately 100 kilometers from Aurangabad. Dating back to the 2nd century BCE, the AjantaCaves are renowned for their exquisite Buddhist art and architecture, offering a glimpse into India's ancient past and spiritual legacy.
Exploration of caves: Wander through the labyrinthine network of caves adorned with intricately carved facades and vibrant frescoes, depicting scenes from the life of Buddha, Jataka tales, and celestial beings. Marvel at the mastery of ancient artists who painstakingly crafted these masterpieces, immortalizing the timeless wisdom of Buddhist teachings in stone. Cultural immersion: Take a moment to soak in the serene ambiance of the Ajanta Caves, nestled amidst lush green surroundings and cascading waterfalls. Reflect on the profound spiritual journey undertaken by ancient pilgrims and seekers of truth, whose legacy endures through these sacred sanctuaries of art and devotion.
Overnight stay in Aurangabad.

➤Sun 13 Oct 24 - Aurangabad to Bhopal (via Bhusaval)
Journey to Bhusawal: Bid farewell to Aurangabad as you embark on your journey to Bhusawal, a town steeped in history and cultural heritage. Traveling by road, you'll traverse the picturesque landscapes of Maharashtra, tracing the footsteps of ancient traders, pilgrims, and conquerors who shaped the region's-destiny.
Travel by train: Bhusaval Bhopal (Goa Express: 1300 -1920 hrs)
Experience the nostalgia of train travel, a mode of transportation that harks back to the colonial era when the British Empire expanded its railway network across the Indian subcontinent. As you journey through the heartland of Maharashtra, you'll witness the timeless beauty of rural landscapes dotted with quaint villages, verdant fields, and meandering rivers.
Arrival in Bhopal: Arrive in Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh. Bhopal's unique blend of Islamic, Hindu, and colonial influences is reflected in its architecture, cuisine, and cultural ethos. Take a moment to explore the city's landmarks, such as the historic Taj-ul-Masajid, the majestic Shaukat Mahal, and the vibrant bazaars that teem with life and color.
Overnight stay in Bhopal

➤Mon 14 Oct 24 - Bhopal - Bhimbetka Sanchi - Bhopal
In the morning after breakfast, Embark on a day trip from Bhopal to Bhimbetka Rock Shelters and Sanchi, two UNESCO World Heritage Sites that offer insights into India's prehistoric and ancient past.
Bhimbetka Rock Shelters (Date: Prehistoric Period): Explore Bhimbetka, an archaeological site renowned for its prehistoric cave paintings dating back to the Palaeolithic era. These ancient artworks provide valuable clues about early human civilization, depicting scenes of hunting, dancing, and communal life from thousands of years ago.
Sanchi (Date: Ancient Period): Continue your journey to Sanchi, home to the Great Stupa, one of the oldest stone structures in India dating back to the 3rd century BCE. Marvel at the intricately carved gateways (toranas) and the serene surroundings of this ancient Buddhist monument, which symbolizes the spread of Buddhism and its influence on Indian art and architecture.
Overnight stay in Bhopal

➤Tue 15 Oct 24 - Bhopal to Ujjain
Departure to Ujjain: Set off from Bhopal for Ujjain, an ancient city steeped in history and spirituality. As you journey towards Ujjain, reflect on the city's
illustrious past as a center of learning, religion, and culture, dating back to antiquity.
Visit to Mahakaleshwar Temple (Date: Ancient to Medieval Periods): Upon arrival in Ujjain, pay homage to the revered Mahakaleshwar Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva and one of the twelve Jyotirlingas. The temple origins can be traced back to ancient times, with various rulers and dynasties contributing to its expansion and embellishment over the centuries.
Exploration of Ujjain: Immerse yourself in the sacred atmosphere of Ujjain as you explore its numerous temples, ghats, and historical landmarks. From the bustling markets of the old town to the tranquil banks of the Shipra River, each corner of Ujjain resonates with the echoes of its storied past as a center of pilgrimage and spiritual enlightenment.
Overnight stay in Ujjain.

➤Wed 16 Oct 24 - Ujjain to Jhansi (via Bhopal)
Return journey: Bid farewell to Ujjain as you embark on your return journey to Bhopal. Take this opportunity to reflect on the spiritual experiences and cultural insights gained during your time in the sacred city of Ujjain.
Train from Bhopal - Jhansi: (Train: 1455 1810 hrs ) Leave Bhopal behind as you journey to Jhansi, a city synonymous with courage, valor, and resistance against colonial rule.
Upon arrival, Transfer to the hotel in Jhansi for an Overnight stay.

➤Thu 17 Oct 24 - Jhansi Orchhha
Journey to Orchha: Depart from Jhansi and journey to Orchha, a medieval town frozen in time, known for its architectural marvels and rich historical heritage. En route visit Jhansi Fort, a formidable fortress that played a pivotal role in the Indian Rebellion of 1857. Explore the fort's ramparts, palaces, and museums, which recount the heroic deeds of Rani Lakshmibai and her valiant defenders during the struggle for independence. Historical Sites: Discover other historical sites in Jhansi, including the Rani Mahal (Queen's Palace) and the Government Museum, which house artifacts and exhibits that chronicle the region's rich history and cultural heritage.
Overnight at Orchha

➤Fri 18 Oct 24 - Orchha to Khajuraho
Departure for Khajuraho: Leave Orchha behind and journey to Khajuraho, home to one of India's most renowned architectural marvels the Khajuraho Group of Monuments. En route visit Orchha Fort Complex (Date: Medieval Era): Explore the grandeur of the Orchha Fort complex, a sprawling citadel overlooking the Betwa River. Built by the Bundela rulers in the 16th century, the fort is a testament to the region's rich cultural and architectural legacy. Wander through its labyrinthine corridors, visit its majestic palaces, and admire its ornate temples, all of which evoke the grandeur of a bygone era.
Jahangir Mahal (Date: Medieval Era): Marvel at the Jahangir Mahal, a masterpiece of Mughal-Rajput architecture. Constructed in the 17th century by Raja Bir Singh Deo to honor the Mughal Emperor Jahangir, the palace is renowned for its intricate frescoes, elegant balconies, and exquisite latticework. Step back in time as you explore its opulent chambers and imagine the lavish lifestyle of its royal occupants. Ram Raja Temple (Date: Medieval Era): Pay homage to the Ram Raja Temple, a unique shrine dedicated to Lord Ram. Housed within a former palace, the temple is revered for its sacred sanctity and holds a special place in the hearts of devotees. Witness the fervent devotion of pilgrims as they offer prayers and seek blessings in this hallowed place of worship.
Overnight stay in Khajuraho.

➤Sat 19 Oct 24 - Khajuraho
Arrival in Khajuraho: Upon arrival in Khajuraho, check into your accommodation. Exploration of Khajuraho Group of Monuments: Spend the day exploring the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Khajuraho, known for its stunning temples showcasing intricate sculptures and architectural marvels.
Khajuraho Group of Monuments (Date: Medieval Era): Explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Khajuraho, famed for its exquisite temples adorned with intricate sculptures and carvings. Built between the 9th and 11th centuries by the Chandela dynasty, these temples are a testament to India's rich cultural and artistic heritage. Marvel at the intricate details of the sculptures, which depict various aspects of life, mythology, and spirituality, and reflect the sophistication and aesthetic sensibilities of the period.
Erotic Sculptures (Date: Medieval Era): Delve into the symbolism and artistic mastery of the erotic sculptures that adorn the temple walls. Contrary to popular misconception, these sculptures are not merely lascivious but are imbued with deeper spiritual and philosophical meanings, symbolizing the union of the physical and the divine, and celebrating the beauty and vitality of life.
Overnight stay in Khajuraho.

➤Sun 20 Oct 24 - Khajuraho to Delhi
Flight to Delhi: Conclude your journey with a flight from Khajuraho to Delhi in the evening, the bustling capital city of India, where ancient history meets modernity. Upon arrival transfer to the Hotel for check-in.
Overnight stay in Delhi

➤Mon 21 Oct 24 - Departure from Delhi
Exploration of Delhi (Morning): Begin your day with a final exploration of Delhi's iconic landmarks and cultural sites. You may choose to visit any attractions you haven't had the chance to see yet or revisit your favorite spots for one last glimpse of the city's diverse heritage depending on your flight time. Departure from Delhi: In the evening, transfer to the airport for your departure from Delhi. Bid farewell to the vibrant capital city, carrying with you memories of your enriching journey through central India. Reflect on the historical significance, cultural richness, and spiritual insights gained during your travels, and cherish the bonds forged with the places and people you encountered along the way.

➤Personal Expenses: Expenses such as souvenirs, laundry, telephone calls, and additional meals or beverages not included in the itinerary are at the traveler;s discretion.
➤Optional Activities: Any optional activities or excursions not specified in the itinerary are not included and may incur additional costs.
➤Any meals apart from Breakfast. Lunch would be on the way during the long journey on a direct payment basis.
➤Travel Insurance: Travel insurance covering medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and other unforeseen circumstances is not included but highly recommended.
➤Visa Fees: Costs associated with obtaining visas or entry permits, if required, are the responsibility of the traveler.
➤Gratuities: Tips for guides, drivers, and hotel staff are not included and are at the discretion of the traveler.
➤Alcoholic Beverages: Expenses related to alcoholic beverages are not included in the tour package.
➤International Flights
➤Anything not mentioned in the inclusion list

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  • Accommodation: Enjoy comfortable stays throughout the tour in well-selected hotels or accommodations
  • Transportation: Experience convenient travel arrangements including domestic flights, train journeys, and road transfers between destinations
  • Guided Tours: Explore historical sites and cultural landmarks with knowledgeable guides providing insights Into the rich heritage of each location
  • Entrance Fees: Access to attractions such as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, temples, and monuments is included in the tour package
  • Meals: Indulge in delicious meals, including breakfast, showcasing regional cuisine and flavors
  • Activities: Participate in immersive experiences such as market visits, cultural demonstrations, and temple visits
  • Airport Transfers: Hassle-free transfers to and from airports are provided for seamless travel logistics
  • Domestic Flight from Mumbai to Aurangabad
  • Domestic Flight from Khajuraho to Delhi
  • Meet and Greet at the airport upon arrival
  • Services of an accompanying Local English speaking Indian Tour Guide

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