Located just 3 kilometres off the west coast of Peninsula Malaysia and easily accesssible by air from Kuala Lumpur, Penang is Malaysia\'s best known and most popular beach resort, as well as being the oldest British settlement in Malaysia.  

Penang\'s northern shoreline is famous for its beautiful beaches of golden sands and blue seas.  The main beach area of Batu Ferringhi stretches for miles and offers resorts of international standards and full facilities for rest, recreation and fun.  

Aside from the beaches, for those wanting to explore, Penang boasts intriguing temples, botanical gardens and bustling night markets.  The island\'s capital, Georgetown, is a buzzing hive of activities.  Here you can explore Penang\'s rich colonial heritage set alongside gold clad Chinese clan houses and traditional Malay style shops.  There are some great shopping bargains to pick up and plenty of hawkers stalls selling delicious local food.

Places to Visit

Penang Butterfly Farm and Spice Gardens
War Museum 
Suffolk House
Penang National Park
Tropical Fruit Farm
Penang Bird Park

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