Mombasa is one of Africa\'s most popular destinations offering the best of both worlds, fantastic beach resorts and cultural city. A The beach resorts of Mombasa offer some of the best beaches in the world, diverse marine life, luxury hotels and welcoming people. Tear yourself away from the beach, and a short ferry ride away you\'ll discover  Mombasa town, characterised by European, African and Arabic influences.

Places to Visit

  • Fort Jesus 
  • Old Town
  • The Mombasa Tusks
  • The Bombolulu Workshops 
  • Gedi Ruins
  • Mtwapa Creek

Getting to and Travelling around

Moi International Airport receives flights via Niarobi and other African and European cities from the UK. A Please contact us for the best flight options and prices.

London-style cabs and other taxis can be found almost anywhere in the town. The North Coast is accessed via the Nyali Bridge, and the South Coast through the Likoni Ferry.

Best Time and Weather

The warmest months are December to April, reaching an average maximum of 31ºC during the day.  July and August are cooler, averaging 27ºC  as a high. Overall, the weather in Mombasa is very stable and doesn\'t change much over the course of the year.

The wettest months in Mombasa are April, May and June. The rainy seasons mean frequent rain, but not exactly monsoons. There may be rain most days, but more in short outbursts during afternoons.  The second, less wet rainy season is from October to November.